Website In A Day Workshop In Barnstaple North Devon

Create & launch your own website through our 1 day workshop with a professional website developer

This special website in a day workshop is being held by Kathy from RST Web Design to help start-ups & small businesses who need a professionally designed website fast and most importantly affordable.

We have very limited places only 5 per workshop, this way each person gets individual help & guidance throughout the day whilst learning hands on. By the end of the workshop, you will have learned how to add images, text, colours, and design also how to manage the dashboard updates for your website easily.

All start-ups need a website otherwise how will they get their business noticed? so a website should not be seen as a cost but an investment for your business.

Problem - Restricted Budget

There are so many things to pay for when you are starting up or just running a small business, a website just seems such a far reach.

Necessary V Affordable

You need a website to help grow your business and make it look professional but you can not afford a website designer plus you need to understand how a website works.

Solution - Website In A Day

This workshop has been created just for people like yourself. It offers a website package that is affordable, plus hands-on learning & training.

Have A Look For Yourself

A beautiful stunning mobile responsive wordpress website to work with, learn how to add images, text, videos, sliders etc and redesign layouts putting your own stamp on it.

This is based on a fictional character Grace a food blogger but your website will be based on you & your business.

Have a walk through just click the play button on the video below or visit the demo site here.

Stage One – Work to do at home

Assignments 1-4 – These will need to be done prior to the workshop day you will have access to these in the private member’s area prior to the workshop itself so you can complete the below and get together what you will need to walk away with your website on the day.

Obviously, if you can not get all the below assignments completed before then you will need to add them to your website after the workshop.

Assignment 1: Visual Identity – Your brand colours, logo, font you may very well already have these if not help is at hand.

Assignment 2: What is your USP (unique selling point) what make you special & who is your ideal client, you need to know who your target audience is before you can put together a marketing plan. Keyword research & researching your competition.

Assignment 3: Going over your design & ideas, finding images, resizing, organising your folders in dropbox.

Assignment 4: Website Content – creating your content ready to add to your new website, what pages do you need? A mission statement. about page text, blog posts, home page etc


Stage Two – On the day, at the workshop

  1. Introduction to website design
  2. Walking through the front end look and design navigation and going over website terminology
  3. Introducing the back end dashboard and style and customisation area
  4. Looking at how to change the layout & choosing a home page style
  5. Adding your content & images
  6. Your first blog post, adding text & images
  7. Updating, how to back up your website
  8. Adding Google analytics, facebook pixel if you have one.
  9. Getting your website found – a brief overview of search engine optimisation (algorithm spaghetti junction) Yes, it’s complex and a little bit boring for some, but necessary, as without a clear SEO strategy, your business is fast asleep in the online world – with slim to zero chance of being found by your ideal customers.
  10. Q & A a time to ask further questions and to go over your new website.

Location & Dates

We have 2 workshops available, Wednesday 22nd May 2018 & Tuesday 5th June 2018 both 9.30am – 4pm. We have very limited places.

They will be held at Barnstaple Work Hub – 1 Upcott Avenue – EX31 1HN Barnstaple – United Kingdom.

The cost including all training materials, workshop and your own website is only £299 (only 5 places available on each workshop)

Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Eventbrite - Website In A Day Workshop

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Eventbrite - Website In A Day Workshop in Barnstaple

What do you need to bring along on the day?

So What Do You Get?

A fabulous user-friendly mobile responsive website

Once you sign up & reserve your place (we only have 5 places on the workshop) you will have access to the member’s area several days before the workshop where there is a step by step guide of what you need to prepare. This way you can really hit the ground running. I would allow a day to get this homework ready for the big day.

A fully working framework already built & coded which you will work on during the workshop so you can put your own stamp on so it reflects your business.

Private member training area with downloadable pdfs, assignments,  training videos, resource worksheets.

Hands-on help, guidance & training during the workshop.

Plus Kathy will blow away the myths about websites & give away her proven tips to help skyrocket your website.

At the end of the day your website will be ready to launch ( this is subject to you having all your images & text ready before the workshop).

Tea, fresh coffee, are included please bring along a packed lunch if required.

What happens after the workshop has finished? –  In the member’s area is a full set of training videos of what has been covered during the workshop so you can go back to refresh if you need to. Once your website is finished you need to send Kathy your hosting details and where your domain is parked then she will transfer your website & it will be live. So get ready to hit the ground running.

Two weeks before the workshop you will receive an email with your login details to the private member’s area where your assignment, worksheets training material will be so you can get stage one completed ready for the workshop.

There are over 40 short training guides & videos so you can keep popping back if you need a refresher.

After the workshop, you will have access to a private Facebook support group if you have any quick questions.

Limited Places Available








Wednesday 22nd May 2018

Eventbrite - Website In A Day Workshop

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Eventbrite - Website In A Day Workshop in Barnstaple

Why Kathy? 

Kathy is plain-speaking, a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) none of this mumbo-jumbo tech-speak.

She is a technical force to be reckoned with…

She has run several businesses online and off, including a very successful advertising agency.

Her expertise is the result of extensive technical training, coding courses, and SEO hands-on research and experience.

She’s an information, technology junkie! Which is great news for her clients. Kathy was and still is, at the forefront of the digital revolution as and when it’s happening.

‘If you’ve heard a rumble of a new technical-tweak and you’re wondering if it’s possible on your website, Kathy is like a dog-with-a-bone – she’ll make it happen in real terms for your business and website.

Kathy is versatile, tenacious and a quick study. Basically, she brings her ‘can-do’ attitude to the table which, when it comes to the success of your business, is vital.’ What’s the point of a beautiful website if it’s invisible, right? Her experience with keyword research and the intimidating, confusing, weird world of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), means she speaks the lingo in tech-world, something most think is hocus pocus.

Contact here if you have any questions about the workshop

Reserve Your Place Now

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my site have SEO?
“Basic SEO is included in ‘ The Website In A Day Workshop’ Kathy will be holding SEO workshops in the future if you are interested in this please email Kathy RST also offers SEO plans, tailored to your business & budget.”
I'm not very techi, do you include training for my new site?
“No problem, as long as you can use a computer, keyword, Google, & dropbox you will be fine. People learn at various speeds so that is why the places are so very limited, so you get individual attention if you need it.

If you need extra help or ongoing support RST can offer you a bespoke package tailored to what you require so you are not paying for things you do not need.”

Do I need a domain & hosting?
“Yes, you will, in the private members only area there are links to hosting & domain name companies that RST uses ourselves.”
What if I need help after my site is finished?
“No problem, if you need extra help or ongoing support I can offer you a bespoke package tailored to what you require so you are not paying for things you do not need.”
What if I want a more complex website like a booking system, membership or e-course platform?
“The Website In A Day Workshop is designed to get you online fast, fearless & fabulous! More complex sites with E-Commerce or Membership functionality require some extra work which is not included. Kathy will be holding further workshops but also offers one 2 one tuition or can add these extras to your website after the workshop. Please email Kathy on”
Can you link my website to an email marketing software?
“Yes, your website will support most of the major email marketing companies so you can easily add a newsletter sign up form to your website.”
Can I add my own content on my new site?
“Of course it is super easy to add your own images & text, and you will learn how to do this in the workshop. Plus, there are step-by-step videos to help you as well. There will be a further workshop on image filters & overlaying images.”
What pages are included on my website & what if I want more?
“Pages included on your site are the most popular- Home, Gallery, Videos, Reviews, Blog, About, Contact, Sitemap, Privacy and T & C. You can change the ‘names’ of your pages And once your website is complete, you may discover you wish to add or delete pages as you progress. The training videos make this a piece of pie!”
I already have a website can you just update it?
“The Website In A Day Workshop is for a brand new build only but at RST Web Design we can update your old website or design you a new Bespoke one.” contact
Are there any additional costs?
You will need to purchase a domain name and also hosting these are both very cheap, hosting is from £2.99 per month and a domain depends on a (approx from £3.99) or com (approx from £8.99). There are a couple of good hosting companies we recommend in our private member’s area.

If you require extra work after the workshop this would be chargeable depending on what you need doing. Contact us here on and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

To find out more about RST Web Design click here. By purchasing a place on Website In A Day Workshop you are agreeing to our terms and conditions here

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