It’s Official: Google Says More Searches Now On Mobile Than On Desktop

Is your website responsive? Responsive design is a web design technique that changes its format to correspond to the screen of the device it is accessed from, so it provides users with a functional website on all mobile devices & will be essential in web design for 2016. The reliance on mobile phones and tablets, in addition to laptops and larger desktop screens, is increasing growing. Your website may look fine on a desktop or laptop but if it is not responsive (where it goes into 1 column), users will leave the website as it is too difficult to navigate through an un-responsive website.

Google tanks non-responsive websites in their mobile search –
In an effort to provide the best results for its customers, Google believes a better result for mobile searches is a result that works best on mobiles. It makes sense, but this has taken some businesses by surprise, and worse, some still don’t even know. This is a simple test to check & see what your website looks like on mobile phones

Why this matters –
Google’s penalty of non-responsive (non-mobile-friendly) can directly affect you if you’re not prepared.  In 2016 mobile searches well exceed desktop/laptop searches. Yes. Nearly 60% of all google searches will start on a mobile device then move to a desktop. So what happens? People do initial research, find your company on their mobile/tablet device, then start the actual interaction on their desktop. So a penalty from Google for websites that aren’t mobile-friendly could kill your SEO.  If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, nearly 60% of searchers are suddenly NOT going to find you.

How to avoid a penalty from Google for mobile searches –
Make your site responsive. That’s often really difficult to just “do” for older websites. Sometimes it’s easier to rebuild or, at least, redevelop the front-end. If it’s not responsive, it’s probably time to “refresh” your design anyway. We think moving towards a responsive website is the way to go and is sure to benefit your customers. If you are interested in a new responsive website, contact us here.

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